School Anthem, Immaculate Conception Seminary, Ivhianokpodi (ICSI)

Poem and Music composed by:
Fr. Stan-William O. Ede
(Vice-Rector, 2008-2011)

1.  Arise and shine, strike the harp, sound the timbrel,
The call comes resounding, dearest friends to thee;
To honour this hallowed abode of our nobler worth,
Planted, watered and nurtured by the Lord
At Ivhianokpodi, the land of sublime bearing,
Wherein we tread to produce thrilling fruits.

Hail! Hail!! We Hail!!!
O Great Immaculate Conception Seminary,
Our land of formation, our hall of fame;
Thou fount of love and home of prayer,
Thou citadel of wisdom and vineyard of knowledge,
Thou spring of virtues and seat of morals,
“Primus inter pares”, we hail!
As thou radiates the golden flames of excellence
“Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam”.

2.  Dearest Lord our God, to Thee we pray,
Direct our cause and sustain our Seminary.
Guide our formators, reward our teachers, bless our parents,
And grant us the grace to soar higher;
As joyously we affirm in our accents dear,
The will to serve Thee with greater joy.