Come O Mighty Spirit Divine
Enlighten our minds, inflame our wills
Come thou Great Sanctifier Lord of All
Fill our hearts with love of God.
From forth thy abode Infinite Splendor
Shine through our world creation renew
And let thy flames all ills burn out
So to make God felt in all hearts.
O Highest Gift, the Giver of Life
Inspirit us Teacher of the truth
That we may endure to worship God
And dedicate our lives untiringly
Strengthened and renewed help us
That we may transform the world
For all men to savor this great love
And give great glory to the Trinity.
Praise and Glory to the Father be
The same to Christ the Son Divine
Equal to you Spirit of them both
The One Blessed Lord of all the Age.

            –  Stan-William O Ede
                4 June, 2006                                       
                (Pentecost Sunday)